Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Legs Braces

Well, we had an OT appt a few months ago for some feeding issues and an overall evaluation. The feeding issues we were worried about then had resolved themselves before we went. But during the overall eval the OT saw smoe things we needed to keep an eye on, so we did. She told us that if Layla was not walking by 14mths to call back and we would re-evalutate. So, this time we went in and saw the OT and a PT looked in(Not really evaluating just giving opinion) and the test they did showed that Layla's gross motor skills are more at an 11mth level, and she continues to walk on her tippy toes( which is a problem). So they decided to refer us to EI (Early Intervention) and leg braces. The braces are called "Jumpstatrts".

She will start with these and probably go to these called "Leap Frogs"

The PT that she would order them in pink. So I am hoping that she will not have to wear them for very long and that she doesn't throw too much of a fit about them. And I hate the fact that it is summertime. It is already in the 90's here.

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