Sunday, April 11, 2010

Visiting Grandma Part 2

Well, Layla and I went to visit my mom, aka Grandma. We had a blast. Layla and Grandma played with all the Mardi Gras beads that she has collected over the years.
We went to Jamsine Gardens, beautiful place. You could get lost just wondering around. They were having a wedding there tonight and we got to see the bride while she was taking some pictures. And for some weird reason I took no pictures while we were there. Layla had a pick-nick, she was the only one who ate while we were there.
But back to the playing. Layla and Grandma like to hang out on the back porch.
Grandma also has a firetruck.
Which was fun, but she had let get too old and it doesn't make noise anymore.
But that is ok. She does have all those beads!
We had a great time at Grandma's.

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