Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!!

Today is John's birthday!! He is geting old! He will be 34!! Wow it has been a crazy year. The birth of our first child, (well that is actually the biggest thing that happened but boy was it a big one,) his Granny passing away, and our first 2 family trips, one to Ida Bena,MS (Layla was 1mth old) then to LA to see John's Memaw,(Layla was about 5mth old. It has been crazy, fun, scary but all in all a great year. Looking forward to many more birthdays to share and remember the year gone by.

Pic was taken 2-4-09.
On a different topic, Layla had her GI appointment 2-4-09, she is up to 18 1/2 lbs and 28 ins long. She is in the 25th % with weight and height. My little Layla Bug is growing! Slowly but growing.

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