Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a BUSY few days for christmas. Christmas Eve we went to early Mass, then to my Aunt's for my Mom's family, then to my Dad's for dinner. We had a great time, but the weather was cold, rainy and very windy. I think the umbrella turned inside out at one point. But Layla looked very cute in the dress that her Aunt Manda bought her.(even if we couldn't find shoes.)

Chritmas day was a little less hecktic. We woke-up fixed a hashbrown casserolle for my sister's.(She lives next door) Then Layla got up and she found her presents. She loves to tear the paper but would get distracted easily so we helped to open and keep her focused. She loved the "Superstar Sing-a-long Stage", and all the other wonderful things, as of yet she has not picked a favorite.
After we opened presents at home we went next door to eat breakfast. Hung-out for a while then went to my in-laws for more breakfast and to open presents with John's family. We had a blast over there, Layla's PePaw put her in a gift bag and she just laughed.

We only had one more place to go for Christmas and that was my best friends house and we had a blast there too, we ate finger foods and laughed and opened more presents and are very thankful that we are not involved in the "Toy Giving War" between Meg and Vera. Meg got Vera's 5yr old son a real "Bull Horn" this year. Not sure what started it but they do this every year to see who can give the more annoying gift. I think the Bull Horn has topped them all.
Chritmas 2009 was great, wonderful and the best I have ever had, it was truely magical for me to watch my daughter's face when she opened presents and show what "Santa" had left fot her. She truley is the Light of my life.

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