Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chili Supper

We fixed chili tonight and invited some family over. Not everyone could make it but we still had a good time. It was fun catching up with my cousins,(And giving some borrowed stuff back.) Hanging out and watching the kids play. Gabe is a little bundle of ENEGRY. As his dad would say "Like a bull in a china shop".
Now Layla has not had a nap and it all fussy and just wants Daddy. Sometimes that really bothers me.
Anyway we had a good day with family and some good chili. Good way to get ready for the week ahead.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

March for Babies

We are gonna March for Babies on April 24,2010. We are soo excited to say that we have met our Team Layla Bug goal, well past it actually. Now all we have to do is raise more money. Right now we have 8 team members and hopefully will have more.
I am walking to support all babies born too early and in honor of my happy healthy preemie.
4lbs 13ozs 18ins
IV, monitors, and oxygen for 2days, tounge-tied, reflux, and a "Floppy windpipe" in NICU for 6days

almost 11mths
about 18lbs

Slept ALL night!

Well, I think maybe just maybe we are finally getting over this crude that Layla and I have had for the past several weeks. She slept all night last night. (First time in about a week.) When I checked on her this morning she was turned sideways in the crib, feet on one side and head on the other, I will be sure to take some pictures of her hair.
This was taken yesterday before we went to the store. This is the LAST 6mth outfit she has and can wear, the only others are pjs and she is about to grow out of those!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Better today.

We had a rough week last week and the weekend. Layla is teething, has a stuffy nose and I had the brillant idea to call the doctor and they said to squirt saline up her nose. Which made it worse. Her nose started running, she would choke and gag, cough, and would only sleep for about 1 hour at a time. This went on for 2 days. Needless to say Momma was tired.
But today she is feeling better. She stayed at her Mimi's and played with her cousin Jesse today. The kid took a 2 hour nap at 9:30am woke-up at 11:30am and did not go back to sleep until 7:30pm. I just hope she sleeps until the morning. Not sure she has even moved since I layed her down.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today was one of THOSE days. Work = crazy, Home = crazier, and people reminding you that your problems are really not that bad.
One of the ladies that I work with, S lost her 17yr old grandson 8 months ago today. She was having a rough day, you can always tell, she will just stand and talk about him for a while. Anyway, S is a strong strong lady, what she has gone through, I am really not sure I could handle. But S never does get too down about things she has a GREAT faith in God that gets her through it all. I wish I had that much faith all the time.
So I am going to try to keep faith everyday. Even when it seems like nothing is right.

Monday, January 11, 2010

March for Babies

I started a team for the March for Babies walk! Team Layla Bug! I am excited to finally be able to give back. Layla may not have needed the NICU but she did need some special care. And the ladies that I have meet through my preemie board who's little ones had some long stays in the NICU, have been soo very supportive and comforting to me.
They are why I am walking, for all those who where there, those who are there now, and for those who will be there. Each step is a little closer to no one every needing the NICU.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well, I had to work today. So I left John and Layla snoozing at home this morning. I CAN NOT stand to leave them like that, the are soo peacefull. Layla was turned sideways in her crib, head tilted back and snoring. John was just asleep like he always it, on his back with his arms over his head.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Days?

They are calling for 1" - 2" of snow in the Birmingham,AL. You know what that means, all the bread and milk will be gone. I stopped at Target to return some x-mas outfitst that didn't fit Layla, there was only about 5 loaves of bread left. Most of the schools are already closed for at least tomorrow, pending Friday. People just go crazy.
I myself DO NOT want it to snow. But if it does we will enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Layla got a walker for christmas, well 4 actually. But 2 had to be returned because she couldn't reach the floor, and that just defeats the purpose of a walker. She loves the thing, she likes to run over my toes, and chase the cat, and she likes it when you chase her. She just gets soo excited. I will show what she looks like when she is in it.

Right now she is asleep, finally. She usually takes a nap around 6:00 but not tonight. But we had fun. John had school tonight, so it was just us girls. We played chase and then chased the cat.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!

As 2009 rolled out and 2010 rolled in, What were we doing? Sleeping. We tried to stay up but I believe I was asleep by 10:00 pm and John was asleep by 11:00. We just can't stay up late anymore. Now that doesn't count the numerous times we get up each night to check on Layla who is usually snoring loudly. She doesn't even know we check on her that many times a night.
2009 was a wonderful, crazy, amazing, beautiful, stressful, tiring, and soo worth it year. I love my family. They are the best. They are the best part of me.
I am looking forward to a less eventful 2010. Excitement is the little day-to-day things that happen. I never thought that Layla pulling-up, crawling or grabbing something would be soo "throw-your-hands-in-the-air" exciting but everytime she does something new that is exactly what I do.  So Happy New Year!!

And don't forget the little things are important.

Christmas 2009

We had a BUSY few days for christmas. Christmas Eve we went to early Mass, then to my Aunt's for my Mom's family, then to my Dad's for dinner. We had a great time, but the weather was cold, rainy and very windy. I think the umbrella turned inside out at one point. But Layla looked very cute in the dress that her Aunt Manda bought her.(even if we couldn't find shoes.)

Chritmas day was a little less hecktic. We woke-up fixed a hashbrown casserolle for my sister's.(She lives next door) Then Layla got up and she found her presents. She loves to tear the paper but would get distracted easily so we helped to open and keep her focused. She loved the "Superstar Sing-a-long Stage", and all the other wonderful things, as of yet she has not picked a favorite.
After we opened presents at home we went next door to eat breakfast. Hung-out for a while then went to my in-laws for more breakfast and to open presents with John's family. We had a blast over there, Layla's PePaw put her in a gift bag and she just laughed.

We only had one more place to go for Christmas and that was my best friends house and we had a blast there too, we ate finger foods and laughed and opened more presents and are very thankful that we are not involved in the "Toy Giving War" between Meg and Vera. Meg got Vera's 5yr old son a real "Bull Horn" this year. Not sure what started it but they do this every year to see who can give the more annoying gift. I think the Bull Horn has topped them all.
Chritmas 2009 was great, wonderful and the best I have ever had, it was truely magical for me to watch my daughter's face when she opened presents and show what "Santa" had left fot her. She truley is the Light of my life.