Thursday, December 17, 2009

Uneventful Pregnancy

I had an uneventful pregnancy, and I mean UNEVENTFUL. I never had morning sickness, no weird cravings, BP was also awesome, weight gain on track, baby always measured within the acceptable limits, never very far from the "norm". A few weeks before I delivered I started to have some swelling, but it would usually go down if I put my feet up. Doc was not worried because my BP was always, great I think the highest it ever got was 130/85.
I had my baby shower on 2/28/09, it snowed that morning, and I was afraid that people wouldn't get to come. We had some out of town invites. But the snow melted pretty quickly so all was well. I had a great time at the shower, got some good stuff, and played some fun games.
We got home that night and were very excited because we got the crib that we wanted, so now we could finish the nursey. We were running short on time baby was due 4/2/09.
Well a new work week was starting so we put off putting the crib together until the next weekend.
On 3/3/09 at around 1:30am, I got out of bed to go the bathroom. Well something was odd, thought my water had broke but not real sure I didn't just pee on myself, so I waiting a few minutes to see what happened and decided to call the Doc. They told me to go to the hosptial, so off we went. At this point I was not freaking out, yet. Well, sure enough we got there and up to L&D and yep my water had broken. So then I was told that I would not be leaving until after baby was born. This was about 2:30am. So sometime later that morning the doc (Not my regular doc) came in and told us that they would do nothing to stop labor but also were not gonna help it along at this point, he wanted to get at least a couple of more days. We were at 35wks. So all day I layed in the bed wathced TV, chatted with family and friends. Actually had to call my doc office because I had an appointment that day. Nothing happened all day, no dialtation, contraction were maybe 1 every couple hours and they did not last long. So around 8:00pm they gave me something to help me sleep, slept until around 10:30 woke-up hurting and they checked I was at 3cm. Decided to give me a little something more to help me sleep, we all thought that in the morning the doc would talk to me about inducing. At 11:30 I woke-up really hurting, again the nurses checked I was at 10cm fully effaced, so within about 2 minutes my room became a delivery room, complete with about 12 nurses, an incubator, and what my husband called a "catcher's mit" plastic thing to catch  baby. Well, we were waiting on the doc to get there but baby had other plans. Baby was coming, the nurses were ready and even had to cut the cord from around her neck before she would come all the way out. Layla Brook made her entrance into this world at 12:02am on 3/4/09, weighing in at a staggering 4lbs 13oz and 18ins long, 5wks early, delivered by the wonderful nurses at UAB Medical West in Bessemer, Alabama.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Starting Over

I started this blog a few months back and then never really got around to posting anything. So I am gonna give it a shot now.
Where to begin? Long story short I meet my husband about 11-12 yrs ago, got married 4 1/2 yrs ago, got a dog 3 1/2 yrs ago, then got another dog 1 1/2yrs ago and had a beautiful little girl 9mths ago. Yeah we got the 2nd dog about a month before we found out we were pregnant.
We were told that we probably would not be able to have children. "Possible but not Probable" were the fertility docs exact words. Egg donation was our best option or so we were told. I cried a lot over next year, finally came to terms with "No Children of our own" started looking into other options. And then I realized I might need to take a test because some thing had not shown up in a few months, took one "Negative" so I went about my merry way. Then my 90yr old Grandmother told me, and I quote " I can not wait until you get big and fat!" she said that I was pregnant. So I decided maybe I should take another test, it had been about 3wks and since no show from AF. Well, new test "POSITIVE". I believe my exact words were "OH SH*T! What do I do now?" Mind you all the other 100's of test I had taken over the past 3yrs were always negative. So I went to the store and got 4 more tests and took the all, with the same positive result. Called the doc in the AM and they told me to come on in, and let them do a test. Positive. So I finally told my husband. And nothing has been the same since.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baptism part 2

The Baptism went very well, she actually was pretty calm through the whole thing. Which surprised me , it was right about lunch time. The godparents are enjoying their new roles in my daughter's life. And we had a big get together where everyone had a good time. Even though there were tornado warnings and an actual tornado pretty close to the house. No damage.
There are pictures a plenty.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


We are having our little girl baptized tomorrow. we are still actually looking for a dress. She was goning to wear her Aunt Cara's dress but it is going to be way too big. but hopefully we can make it work. Tie it up with some lace or something.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tongue Tied

I think my little girl is tongue tied. I was when I was born. At about 6wks old, I had my tongue clipped and a cyst removed from my forehead.
We have an appointment with the Pedi 5-11 so I plan on talking to him about it then. Hopefully it will be nothing to get corrected.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jogging Stroller

Well, we have been looking for a jogging stroller for a while. We also didn't want to buy one new, for they are expensive. But have been looking on Ebay and Craigslist and the Thrift and Consignment shops around town. Hit pay dirt yesterday.
My best friend Heather called and said "Hey you and Layla want to go to "The Foundry" (Thrift store) this afternoon?" , of course I love The Foundry and said "Sure".
And right there in the back of the store was a jogging stroller. Not new but in good shape. Just needed to be cleaned up and the tires aired up. And for $25.00. So I now have a jogging stroller of my very own. Will need to get the child's tray which is only $15 from Graco. Hopefully I wil get to try it out soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Doc Appt

Well Layla had a doc appt today. She had only gained 4ozs in 2wks for her last appt. Today she has gotten up to 6lbs 8.5oz 21 in. She gained 6.5oz in a week. she is getting so big.
Going to take another couple of weeks off before going back to work. Not looking forward to it, well, I do miss work but just hate to leave Layla.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First time

Well, this is my first time to really blog. So hopefully I will get the hang of it soon.
I am a new Mom to 35wk 5d preemie. Learning as I go. I have been happily married for almost 4 years(anniversary is May 5). My husband for the most part is wonderfull, but we al have our days when we are just not the best. I myself am soo far from perfect it is amazing I get anything done right.
I want this blog to help my family know what is going on with me and my family.

So Hopefully this will be fun for me. Only time will tell.